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Why do we wait until our teams are dysfunctional before we look for help?

In physical health we know prevention is better than cure. Good eating and exercise habits lead to better health. A much better option than going to a doctor for a pill after the fact.

What if we set up healthy team habits that built synergy and cohesion? That led to less churn and time wasted on recruitment?


Talk to us today about how we can support your team to take the first step towards a healthy team.


Leadership is not the responsibility of the manager alone; every member plays a part in the team’s health. We help you develop your leaders and your team members. At The Leadership Company, we believe that the key to successful leadership development lies in creating leaders and teams with high social and emotional intelligence.


It starts with gaining a deep understanding of yourself, and evolves into developing an awareness of how you impact on and interact with those around you, in order to successfully influence and lead.


We are the experts when it comes to developing the capability of New Zealand leaders. Leadership and team development is all we do, and from the feedback we receive from our clients, we know we grow emotionally intelligent and resilient leaders and teams better than anyone else.


Our reputation rests on being exceptional at creating lasting transformative change in individuals, teams and organisations.




We offer tailored leadership development solutions to organisations across a broad range of industry sectors throughout New Zealand. Commercial, local and central government, Not-For-Profit, and educational institutions - if your organisation has a leader in it, we can help.


We use a very simple diagnose, design, deliver methodology when working with organisations to ensure our offerings are fit for purpose - your purpose. We've refined this approach over a number of years and we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and effectively get to the heart of what's going on, and how we might best help.


Leaders who work with us develop high levels of self awareness, self regulation and social awareness (more commonly described as empathy). As a result, they are able to better engage with their staff, build trust and respect, plus develop effective relationships with clients, colleagues and stakeholders. Being able to manage relationships effectively creates a rich foundation for building high performing teams, strong organisational cultures, and ultimately, sustainable business success.


We offer a range of fixed content workshops, customised facilitation, and a selection of one-on-one coaching options, to deliver experiential, engaged learning through (in the words of a long term client) a ‘world class team of facilitators and coaches’. No solution is the same, however, so every engagement starts with a conversation with you, and a personal plan to address your specific leadership challenges.


How can you be confident that we know what we're talking about? Click on the 'Clients' tab to read a selection of testimonials from clients we've had the privilege of working with over the last few years.



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“There has been a lot of talk in HR circles about emotional intelligence over the last decade, but few have cracked the code of how to implement this in the workplace.

The team have a brilliant way of identifying the E.I. one already has, and then providing practical skills and methods to develop this, then be able to immediately apply these new skills into the work and broader life."


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