The EQ Leader

Revolutionise your ability to lead yourself, your team, and your organisation

We have all fallen into the trap of thinking the title of manager means leader. But as with every skill, leadership needs to be developed and refined. Harvard researchers recently noted that most managers don’t receive leadership training until they’ve held a leadership role for nearly a decade. In one of the most expansive leadership projects ever conducted, the Global Leadership Forecast, found that there’s been a continued drop in leadership bench strength (ready-now leaders who can step in to replace those who move on). Its latest 2018 study found only 14% of companies had strong leaders.  And less than 15% of the CEO’s surveyed said they had the leadership talent they need to execute their business strategies.  Because these leaders will not just appear at your doorstep, we believe organisations must develop their leaders as early as possible.

Our three and a half day retreat is designed to take managers away from the distractions of their daily responsibilities to focus on themselves and their leadership qualities and skills. Participants learn how to develop self-awareness and manage relationships to create the change and influence needed to become a leader rather than a transactional manager. They discover how to lead teams towards a common purpose, to inspire action in others, to manage conflict and ambiguity, and to tailor their approach to achieve the desired outcome. They do so by exploring the fundamental building blocks that make up emotional intelligence and how this is applied in an organisational context.

High Performing Teams

Lay the foundation for your team to create, grow and flourish.

We believe (and the research supports us) that psychological safety is the key ingredient in building highly successful, high performing teams. Unfortunately, creating this safety in a professional context does not come easily – it requires a willingness to be open, honest, take calculated risks, and show vulnerability. For many, the idea of doing so in the workplace can be scary! It requires a special type of leader – one who is willing to demonstrate these qualities themselves, and is committed to their own ongoing learning. It involves creating an environment where people have the space to be open without risk of ridicule, to take ownership, and make mistakes that they can learn from. With these building blocks in place, teams can truly be transformed.

In this workshop participants will learn how to build a level of trust and openness in their team that allows people to be ‘real’ and to do their best work. They will discover the power of creating an environment where communication is honest, and feedback is not only welcome, but actively sought. They will also come away inspired, deeply engaged as a team, and more strongly aligned with the organisational goals

Communication, conflict and candour

Having brave conversation and facing feedback fearlessly.

Our natural inclination is to avoid tough conversations and giving feedback. Why is that? Let’s be honest - few of us feel equipped to have those chats very well. It’s uncomfortable and we aren’t sure we will get the best outcome. We all need to have a range of brave conversations as we progress through our careers. We all need to give and receive feedback fearlessly. Without these conversations and feedback, workplaces have increased staff turnover or can even become toxic environments.

In this highly interactive workshop we will share tools and insights for having those brave conversations effectively, as well as gaining a deep understanding of what feedback is and is not, not to mention the ability to receive constructive feedback. This workshop will give your team the skills and confidence to tackle the tough conversations and give feedback fearlessly in your workplace.

Strategic Thinking

Hack your brain to enhance your strategic potential

This highly interactive and practical workshop is for anyone who would benefit from being able to think and act more strategically in either a personal or professional capacity. Participants will be guided through a broad range of practical exercises and activities which have been designed to teach the fundamental skills required for effective strategic thinking. Participants will leave with a toolbox of resources and the confidence to start applying them immediately.

Strategic thinking is often identified as a key competency gap in both emerging and experienced leaders, but how do you actually learn to ‘think strategically’? This stimulating and unique workshop equips participants with a range of skills to develop and stretch their creative muscles in order to lay the foundations of a strategic mindset. It will also provide a range of tools and models to turn ideas into reality, and help employees develop an innovation culture in their organisation.  Participants will learn to recognise opportunities others have missed and harness these for competitive advantage, develop a continuous improvement mindset that allows them to reframe mistakes as learning opportunities, and gain clarity around complex decision making by developing the ability to recognise critical trends & patterns


Riding the Waves

Beat stress and build resilience at work

Work stress is on the rise in New Zealand (Business New Zealand Wellness in the Workplace 2017 Survey Report). As Kiwis, we tend to accept work stress as inevitable and tell ourselves to ‘harden up’. But that’s a strategy designed to fail. If we don’t acknowledge the toll stress can take on our performance, health, and relationships, and develop strategies to build resilience and cope more effectively with stress, we put ourselves at greater risk of crisis and burnout.

This one-day, interactive workshop provides the essential framework for managing work stress and maintaining resilience. It draws on best practice from Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Positive Psychology to create a simple toolkit for every-day and any-time use. Developed by a clinical psychologist, the workshop is grounded in the science of personal change: where to start and what to focus on to make a real difference, so you can better “ride the waves” of work pressure and stay optimistic and connected with what you enjoy about your role.

This workshop is provided by Dr Branko Coebergh and Veronica Chalmers in partnership with The Leadership Company.