Like flour, milk and eggs, our leadership courses below contain the core elements 


Executive Leadership Programme

Our flagship programme, the LDI is a four day, full immersion, executive leadership development experience designed to help leaders step more fully into their leadership capability. Through a series of powerful activities and assignments, you will undergo a potentially transformational shift in how you interact and engage with both yourself and with others.

  • Become more self aware, confident and authentic in order to inspire and empower those around you

  • Harness your strengths and reframe your weaknesses to develop your own unique leadership style

  • Learn to trust your intuition and live with a sense of deep purpose – igniting your true potential

Leadership for Women

We all know that a gap exists between achieving diversity across leadership roles to a level that accurately reflects the gender balance in New Zealand society, and the actual statistics regarding the number of women in senior leadership positions. Currently, 51% of NZ’s population is female, 60% of our graduates are women, yet over the last 10 years, the percentage of female CEOs in our top NZX 50 companies has remained at less than 1%. There are numerous theories about why this gap exists – the objective of this course is not to debate the issue – but to provide insights and strategies for overcoming the limiting behaviours and attitudes that may be holding you back as a woman leader and equip you with a range of practical tools to help you fulfil your leadership potential.

  • Uncover and embrace your unique leadership style to become a more confident and self-aware leader

  • Learn to trust your intuition and make decisions from a place that is fully aligned with your values

  • Develop a comprehensive plan of action for increasing both professional and personal fulfillment

Leadership and the Art of Communication

As you progress through your career you will find yourself needing to have a range of tough conversations. Facing up to and actually having these discussions is a skill that many of us struggle with; however, failing to address conflict in the workplace can often lead to frustration, decreased productivity and increased staff turnover. In this highly interactive workshop we will share strategies and insights for deciding which ‘tiger conversations’ are worth facing, and show you how to resolve conflict with courage and integrity.

  • Understand how conflict arises and unhook yourself from counter-productive reactions

  • Develop deep listening skills and learn how to prepare for difficult conversations

  • Turn conflict into a rich opportunity to build greater connection and more empowered relationships

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is often identified as a key competency gap in both emerging and experienced leaders, but how do you actually learn to ‘think strategically’? This highly stimulating and unique course equips you with a range of skills to develop and stretch your creative muscles in order to lay the foundations of a strategic mindset. It will also give you a range of tools and models to turn ideas into reality, and help you develop an innovation culture in your organisation.

  • Learn to recognise opportunities others have missed and harness these for competitive advantage

  • Develop a continuous improvement mindset that allows you to reframe mistakes as learning opportunities

  • Gain clarity around complex decision making by developing the ability to recognise critical trends & patterns

Innovation Management

Many organisations have ‘innovation’, ‘challenge the status quo’, ‘creativity’ or similar as a defined organisational value. But how many have taken the concrete steps towards developing an innovation culture and integrated an outcome driven innovation framework into how they operate day to day? This workshop provides participants with a broad range of practical skills, specifically designed to foster a learning mindset where change, challenge, and the rapid adoption of new ideas and opportunities can become the norm

  • Learn how to apply a disruptive thinking approach to innovating new ideas and opportunities

  • Understand how to implement an innovation framework within your own organisation

  • Recognise how to address and overcome the barriers to creating an innovation culture

People Centred Change Management

Developing or refining the culture of your organisation, then implementing significant change to enhance your cultural vision, is never easy. Change inevitably involves loss (of the old way of being) and even when change is for the better, loss of any kind often manifests as grief. If you have led a change process of any kind, you will likely recognise this. Yet, in our experience, many organisations become so focussed on what needs to change from a tangible perspective (‘Changing the Chart’) that they lose sight of how people are affected, often with disastrous results (loss of productivity, lower retention, reduced engagement). ‘Changing the Heart’ is the art and science of attracting, retaining and inspiring your most vital resource – your people. This requires more than change management, it requires change leadership.

  • Assess your current culture and create a vision of where you want to take it

  • Design and establish a process to implement your change plan efficiently and effectively, plus learn how to allocate resources appropriately

  • Understand the psychology of change, how to support your people through it, and how to manage resistance compassionately and wisely

Riding The Waves

Work stress is on the rise in New Zealand (Business New Zealand Wellness in the Workplace 2017 Survey Report). As Kiwis we tend to accept work stress as inevitable and tell ourselves to “harden up”. But that’s a strategy designed to fail. If we don’t acknowledge the toll stress can take on our performance, health, and relationships, and develop strategies to build resilience and cope more effectively with stress, we put ourselves at greater risk of crisis and burnout.

This one-day, interactive workshop provides the essential framework for managing work stress and maintaining resilience. It draws on best practice from Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Positive Psychology to create a simple toolkit for every-day and any-time use.

Developed by a clinical psychologist, the workshop is grounded in the science of personal change: where to start and what to focus on to make a real difference, so you can better “ride the waves” of work pressure and stay optimistic and connected with what you enjoy about your role.

  • Discover your power to master your stress response, using the CBT approach

  • Incorporate resilience practices into everyday life

  • Create a concrete action plan to deal with a key work stressor